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Beach Volleyball Hand Signals

Beach Hand Signals for Doubles Volleyball Before the serve is usually the best time to signal your partner what you're going to block. If your partner is serving and you are going to block, stand at the net and signal with your hands what you are going to block.

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This signal is used to indicate the end of the game. The end of the game is indicated by the 1st referee taking both arms and crossing them across the chest to form an X shape with the arms. 25. Change of Court Sides In volleyball after each set the teams must switch sides.

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The most basic beach volleyball hand signals you can call to your partner are: I'll block line; I'll block cross court; I won't block; I'll block the ball based on the set I see. In doubles beach play when you're facing the net in the front row as a blocker or in the back row as a defensive player usually

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Make a circular motion with the forefinger. Point the arm and fingers toward the floor. Raise the forearms vertically, hands open, palms toward the body. Slowly lift the forearm, palm of the hand facing upward. Raise two fingers, spread open. Raise four fingers, spread open. Indicate the respective side of the net.

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DIAGRAM 11: REFEREES’ OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS 1 AUTHORISATION TO SERVE Relevant Rules: 12.3, Move the hand to indicate direction of service 2 TEAM TO SERVE Relevant Rules:,, Extend the arm to the side of team that will serve 3 CHANGE OF COURTS Relevant Rule: 18.2 Raise the forearms front and back and

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A carry is when the ball had too much contact time with the players hand and is indicated by holding hand horizontal with the palm facing upwards. A double hit is indicated by two fingers showing that the player contacted the ball twice.

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Most teams do this with simple hand signals: a straight index finger indicates that you will block line and dig cross-court; two fingers (like a peace sign) indicate that you will block cross-court and dig line; and a closed fist indicates "no block" (you and your partner will both dig). **These signals vary from team to team.