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Lucifer was released 2014-05-16. Etymology Lucifer is a reference to the archangel Lucifer that is most prominent in Judaean and Christian teachings. His name, literally meaning "Light-Bringer", also means "Morning Star", referencing the planet Venus when appearing as a morning star.

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This game is great that it let you have those, in most similar game you'll struggle to get 3 stars, let alone a team full of 5. For me it's this: 1-2 stars: sell. 3 stars: depends on your current team, they're decent but later just sell them (problem is a lot of 3 stars are very good looking) 4+ stars: keep them and use them.

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Lucian always comes to the rescue whenever the magician girls are in danger. He's skilled in alchemy and magic but it just feels like he's helping the girls with an ulterior motive...

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A MSPU Super-trained Lucifer you could build 3/5/5/5 which would allow you to increase his attack power by 90% between Perfect Balance & Vengeance. Last but not least he has awesome stones in my opinion. He has acess to two yellow, one dark.

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Soccer Spirits Tier List (Characters) This is the list of in game characters from best to worst. Name. Element. General Tier. Class. Potential. Aiolos. Whirlwind.

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Soccer Spirits: Queen Lucid Exstetra 22 0 Avnore - Soccer spirits AraDanDan 1 0 Malcolm from Soccer Spirits ! KimikaHikarishi 1 0 Soccer Spirits: (More) Elliot rosejack1234 2 0 soccer spirits: ravian lewd-dodo 66 14 Valentine Ravian Selgadis 90 3

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Lucifer: Dark: 62: A: 50: Irre: Whirlwind: 62: A: N/A: Guinevere: Thunder: 61: A-14: Latios: Light: 61: A: 24: Z101 Raklet: Thunder: 61: A-10: Black Daisy: Dark: 60: A-12: Verister: Dark: 60: A-16: Freyja: Thunder: 60: A: N/A: Rudiel: Whirlwind: 59: B-12: Zibroi: Dark: 58: B-10: Jheet: Dark: 58: B-1: Irru: Whirlwind: 58: B: N/A: Iggy: Thunder: 58: B-17: Shanti: Whirlwind: 58: B-1: Mikael: Light: 57: B-41: White Guardenia: Light: 57: B-8: Patricia: Dark: 57: B: N/A: Nari: Ardor: 56: B-50: Evylin