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South Africa Powerball Prizes - Odds of Winning

South Africa Powerball has nine different prize divisions, with cash amounts given out for ...

South Africa Powerball | Prizes, Info and Odds

South Africa Powerball Prizes and Odds. Below you will find the list with the odds of winning a South Africa Powerball prize according to the category: South Africa Powerball Prizes and Odds. Match. Prize %. Odds (1 in) 5 + Powerball. Jackpot (54.46%) 42,375,200.

South Africa Powerball | Check Results, Jackpot, Stats & Odds

South Africa Powerball Odds of Winning Speaking of winning, your chances of hitting the jackpot are far better here than in bigger lotteries. You have, for instance, a 1 in 24,435,180 chance of winning the jackpot.

Powerball (South Africa) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers ...

The odds of winning the highest prize in the South Africa Powerball – the jackpot – are 1 in 42,375,200. What Are the Overall Odds of Winning? The overall odds of winning any prize in the South Africa Powerball are 1 in 18.

How to Win Republic of South Africa Powerball Lottery

The odds of winning the RSA Powerball Jackpot are now 1 in 42,375,200 (up from 1 in 24 million). All it takes is a buck and a whole lot of luck and some Smart Luck ® strategies, of course. In spite of the high odds against winning South African Powerball, there are several things you can do to play smart.

How to Calculate the Odds of Winning South African Powerball ...

South African #Powerball is played by selecting 5 from 50 and 1 from 20 for the Powerball. This video shows how to work out the odds of winning the popular S...

How to Win South Africa PowerBall : Beat Lottery

Just by eliminating 5 main numbers and 1 Power ball from the whole pool of numbers, you will reduce your odds from 42,375,200 to 10,995,831 ! Such a simple change! You will be playing now only 45 main numbers and 9 Power balls and this will lower your odds by about 400%! 6.

South Africa Daily Lotto Lotto Odds Calculator

How to use the Lotto Odds Calculator. Enter the number of balls to be drawn Enter the total number of balls from which these are drawn Choose the total number of prize levels the lottery has, eg: Match 6, Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3 would be 4 levels If the lottery includes 'bonus' numbers eg: a Powerball, tick the "include bonus balls" box If the box has been ticked, a dropdown menu will ...