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5 Basketball Passing Drills for Great Ball Movement

The drill begins with the defender playing tight on the player who starts with the basketball. The offensive player utilises pivots and fakes to make a pass to the other offensive player while the defensive player... After each pass is made, the defender sprints to the receiver and plays tight ...

Half Court Ball Movement - Breakthrough Basketball

The drill is played in the half court and involves 10 players, 5 on offense and 5 on defense. Players are not allowed to dribble or move with the ball. They must only pass. Screening is allowed and players without the ball can move freely. The goal of the drill is not to try and score a basket. The offense scores 1 point by reversing the ball from one side of the court to the other or by passing to a player who has two feet inside the lane.

Off Ball Movement Basketball Drill | Team Basketball Drill ...

Moving off the ball in Basketball is very important to get open fo... This is a great team Basketball drill that will help teach your players off ball movement.

Basketball Ball Movement Basketball Drills - YouTube

Basketball Ball Movement Basketball Drills, in this video I breakdown different Basketball drills I would run if I want to teach my Basketball team how to mo...

Ball Movement Basketball Drills - YouTube

Ball Movement Basketball Drills, in this video I breakdown different ball movement Basketball drills that you can use with your Basketball. These Youth Baske...

23 Basketball Team Offense Drills

23 Basketball Team Offense Drills - Improve Spacing, Cutting, Screening and Ball Movement Spacing Drills Cutting Drills Screening Drills Ball Movement Drills Multi-purpose Offense Drills

Basketball Spacing and Movement - Moving Without the Ball ...

If you can't get open, set a ball-screen and run the pick and roll. If you are playing with two post players, work with your opposite post player. Screen for each other. Play "hi-lo", one at the high post and one inside, moving and rotating in these spots as the ball moves. For example, if the ball is on the opposite wing and you see that your teammate is being full-fronted in the low post, cut to the ball-side elbow for the pass, and then dump the ball inside from there.

Off Ball Movement - Online Basketball Drills

Your player will pass you the ball and sprint out to the wing for another pass. After facing up on the catch, they will pass the ball back take two to three steps down towards the block, and V-cut back up to the free throw line extended receiving the pass and facing up again.